Cadre enjoys helping clients who are buying commercial property or mfg. housing, to learn about the condition of their prospective purchase and any existing issues before they sign a mortgage. We have saved property buyers much grief and a lot of money since the year 2000. Most mfg. homes or business buildings are in good condition but many have issues.
       Cadre inspectors accept referrals from the  reputable real estate agents in our area but we are not employed by real estate companies. Unethical agents are few but they can create a lot of problems.  Make no mistake, the integrity rating of our inspections and reports is among the best in the southwest region.
      There is no buyer's remorse after a professional Cadre Inspection.  Some real estate agencies  don't provide their clients with an inspector list so they can choose the inspector they prefer. Might be their brokers  and agents  don't  want  folks to know  the  real condition of the properties they sell.  
      We are PCDI certified.  Each inspector has a minimum of 20 years of construction industries, and building trades related experience.  We also contract with Hayman Residential Engineering to provide valuable data on Mfg. Housing foundations.
      Our fees are very affordable. Real discounts are available especially on  additional inspections and reports if you don't choose the property we inspected.
      Please give us a call, you will be glad you did.    Sincerely, Paul W Collins, Owner.

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